Carolyn Ulitsky, BodyMind Coach, CMT

Hi there!

My name is Carolyn Ulitsky, and I'm a master certified health coach and muscle therapist who specializes in helping clients with chronic pain heal holistically without the use of invasive methods such as surgery and medication. My career in deep holistic healing spans 20 years, and started with my practice in sports massage therapy. During my time working with athletes who were recovering from sports injuries, I started to notice that many of my clients had patterns of years-long reoccurring pain. I started to wonder if there was a greater solution I could offer my clients- as many of them were trapped in a pain-temporary relief-pain cycle that traditional treatments from doctors could only medicate, not solve for the long term.

What I realized through my muscle therapy practice was that chronic pain often correlated with much deeper lifestyle and emotional patterns that led to recreation of the same pain, over and over again. This led me to pursue training in many different holistic healing modalities (Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Kinesiology, Trigger Point Release, Cranial Sacral Balancing), as well as enrolling in a year-long master coach training on how to help my clients heal the deep patterns that created the pain in the first place. One of my philosophies is that pain is a signal from the body that a lifestyle change needs to happen, and that without a change in our core patterning, the pain often returns to remind us of what needs to change.

My core mission as a certified BodyMind coach is two-fold: my first objective is to help you heal the pain that brought you into my office as quickly and effectively as possible, and my other vision is to coach you on the lifestyle changes needed for you to have the pain-free, vibrant life that you deserve. What I am most passionate about in my practice is seeing the lifestyle transformations my clients have in becoming pain-free, energized and invigorated from the inside out for the long term, leading to lives that feel completely renewed.