Carolyn Ulitsky, CMT

Carolyn is a master healing practitioner. She is an expert in many modalities of body work. She is not only a classically trained muscle therapist in traditional sports and therapeutic massage, but is a Reiki Master and has the capacity to intuitively hop into your body to feel exactly what your body is feeling so that she knows how to heal it. Carolyn will flambé your soul in essential oils and balance your chakras with Reiki energy to unearth the true source of your physical pain and discomfort. She delicately folds and gently mixes the healing flavors of the east and west using deep tissue work, cranio-sacral balancing, lymphatic drainage, and energy work in just the right proportions to cater individually to your body’s needs.  Your muscles will crave second and third helpings of the passion, intuition and dedication she brings to her profession and your soul will feel grateful, nurtured, deeply connected and centered. You will leave her table feeling energized, relaxed and ready to rock. 


Carolyn loves to educate her clients about their bodies and how they are holding stress, emotions and pain that create imbalance. She has a comforting and relatable way of being that makes everyone who gets on her table to feel safe and at ease. Carolyn’s energy is kind, compassionate and effervescent! Her favorite clients are people who are open and want new strategies to alleviate pain and discomfort with a hint of intuition and spirituality.