"Hands with Heart"

I create an experience by connecting with you through conversation (exploratory questions) and human touch…trusting my hands and heart (muscle therapy) to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be so you can leave my office feeling more energized or relaxed, centered and in less pain. 

Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own.

My service to you is best when it combines coaching with muscle Therapy.

I use my Practical Intuition - ability to observe and sense through conversation get an understanding of what your body-mind signals are conveying and my Muscular Intuition - ability to tune into the areas in your body that are holding tension/imbalance to:

  1. Help you understand the emotion/thought processes that are stored in the muscle tissue;

  2. Apply specific bodywork techniques to release the stored energy in the muscles;

  3. For you to experience the transformation of your overall well-being as the energy is transmuted.

How does this work?

Typically I work with clients in a series of sessions: (60 or 90 minutes for 4 or 12 weeks).

What are sessions like?

They are like having a confidant who listens to your experiences, visually assesses your body as you speak, tells it to you straight and then works the muscles that are out of balance.

My #1 goal in every session

The goal is to help you create a better connection to the stressors in your BodyMind and help you create strategies to unwind the patterns that created the imbalance, establish new healthy habits and changes that promote your goals for well-being.

What do sessions include?

Sessions will typically include 20-30 minutes of conversation – it may include exercises, stretches; you tube videos, books or referrals to other professionals (i.e. M.D., Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, other bodyworkers, etc.).

The remainder of time is applying specific bodywork techniques to the areas that have played a part in the imbalance. It may include additional conversations on the table to further release the imbalanced areas.

Call (925) 364-5055 for further details or schedule a single session to experience the process.

Please note:  This program provides a High Level of Support therefore I accept a small number of people into the program.