"I have been receiving massage from Carolyn for 6 years. I have been getting massages for 19 years. She is by far the best therapist I have seen. She is able to locate the physical strain without advisement and release the tension with every visit. I see her bi-weekly, but wish it was more frequently. My spouse receives therapy too. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone."

-Calyanna Y.

"Phenomenal masseuse! There's a reason that Carolyn is known as "Vitamin C"! I work my muscles hard & Carolyn's massages enable me to train harder. I feel great for a week after her deep tissue massage! Excellent masseuse who has mastered sports physiology! :). I'd give 6 stars instead of 5 if I could!"

-Hardy L.

"An extremely talented and warm person. Carolyn not only releases the tension in your muscles but also educates you. She taught me the techniques to release tension from my tense muscles on my own. A million thanks to her for her help."

-Jeannie S.

"With Carolyn's help, my chiro's adjustments remained effective for longer periods of time. What my chiro initially thought was an issue of arthritis of the knee went away eventually after I started seeing Carolyn on a more regular basis. I have started playing pain-free tennis again, and am able to skip down steps without wincing in pain. I have the two of them, working in tandem, to thank for my recent pain-free mobility. Thanks, Carolyn!!!!"

-Efleda B.

"Carolyn is an amazing intuitive muscle therapist! I have recommended her to so many people because I can't stop raving about her. She knows exactly where to work to get you relaxed and out of pain, but also balances your energy and I leave feeling relaxed AND energized. I can't say enough about her skills- she is a GEM!!!!"

-Keisha G


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