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An extremely talented and warm person. Carolyn not only releases the tension in your muscles but also educates you. She taught me the techniques to release tension from my tense muscles on my own. A million thanks to her for her help.
— Jigyasa (Jeannie) S
With Carolyn’s help, my chiro’s adjustments remained effective for longer periods of time. What my chiro initially thought was an issue of arthritis of the knee went away eventually after I started seeing Carolyn on a more regular basis. I have started playing pain-free tennis again, and am able to skip down steps without wincing in pain. I have the two of them, working in tandem, to thank for my recent pain-free mobility. Thanks, Carolyn!!!!
— Efleda B
Carolyn is exceptional at what she does. Each time I see her, I walk away with so much more than I expected. She is not only an expert at muscle therapy but also incredibly intuitive and can see and address blockages and pain points. One of the things she was able to address is “tech neck”. Those of you who spend many hours sitting in front of a computer everyday will be able to relate. She also resolved my TMJ. Each session with Carolyn is an Experience and I look forward to my next session. Highly recommended!!!
— Ty F., San Jose, CA
Couldn’t be more thrilled with my time with Carolyn. Between weight lifting and work, my body has always experienced chronic aches and pains. After trying countless massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors, I’ve Been seeing her consistently for 6 months and could not be happier with her work. She understands where certain pains come from, and the maintenance work she gives me to do at home helps me fight through daily muscle pains and tightness. On top of it all she’s got a great personality, understands the mind-body connection, and is a pleasure to spend the time with. Recommended highly to anyone!
— Chris S., Pleasanton,